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The Icon Zoo

Please don't feed the icons!

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Welcome to the Icon Zoo! This is an icon community where Megan (megaroni_) and Ali (dorksrock) post the icons they create for your taking. All we ask is that you follow our rules, which are very few.

1. If you see an icon you'd like to take, make sure you leave a comment telling us which icons you're taking. We want to know who's using our icons.
2. Credit the iconzoo community in your icon's keyword. If you don't know how to do this, go here for instructions. OR you can also credit iconzoo in the "comment" area, which is right below keywords - BUT you must make it a link! To do this, put < lj user="iconzoo" > but delete the spaces before the <'s.
3. This is a locked community, meaning you can only view the icons if you are a member! CLICK HERE to join if you haven't already.

Looking for something specific? We've archived all the icons in our Memories so that you can go back and look for specific celebrities, movies, shows, and whatever else you might have in mind.